Let’s Help Juan be FREE!!! Juan is a young man who needs $1,500 more for his bond! PLEASE DONATE!!


“We need $1,500.00 to help a fine young man named Juan Sanchez Martinez.   The $1,500.00 is the fee needed to let Juan be free from immigration pending his U-Visa application.

Juan came to this country at a very young age brought by his mother who was a single mother raising her children on her own.  He also came with a younger brother and sister.  Juan’s mother never applied for legal citizenship for him or his siblings.  Juan’s mother died approximately 1 year ago.  Juan’s only family his brother and sister are here in the U.S.    Juan has been held by immigration pending U-Visa and has been told it will take approximately 1 more year of processing.

We want to help Juan with his immigration matter so that he can come out and help his brother and sister.  It is Juan’s desire to be legal here in the United States, the only country he has known his entire life.

Before Juan was picked up by Immigration he was working and contributing to society.  He also volunteered in South Los Angeles helping at a food kitchen feeding 100 people or more each Saturday.

Juan deserves an opportunity to remain in this country, this has been his only home since he came as a young child.

Can you help —  we are thankful for any donation, large or small.”

The message above is from the GoFundMe page.

Here is the link to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/juans-immigration-fight

Your support is appreciated!

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