Food Sale at the Vox Urbana Concert at Solar Culture!

Join us this Friday, May 6th for some good music and some good food! Vox Urbana will be performing at Solar Culture and doors open at 8pm and showtime is 9pm-12am. Come early and enjoy some delicious food made by yours truly!


Remember to bring an appetite and some cash! 🙂

Mariposa Sin Fronteras will be selling some yummy Salvadoran treats and Mexican tamales. Oh and there will also be some delicious homemade Aguas Frescas.

Check out the menu:

1.) Pupusas $3 each or 2 for $5 (bean and cheese)
2.) Bean Canoas $5 each
3.) Canoas with milk, raisins y cinnamon $5 each
4.) Red Mole Tamales $3 each
5.) Green Mole Tamales $3 each
6.) Aguas frescas of Tamarind and Hibiscus $2
*canoas will be made out of plantains and then stuffed

See you soon! 🙂

¡Vengan con hambre y recuerden traer dinero en efectivo! 🙂

Mariposa Sin Fronteras va estar vendiendo antojitos Salvadoreños y tamales Mexicanos. También habra deliciosas aguas frescas hechas en casa.
Aqui esta el menu:
1.) Pupusas $3 por una or 2 por $5 (de queso y frijol)
2.) Canoas de frijol $5 por 1
3.) Canoas de leche, pasas y canela $5 por 1
4.) Tamales de mole rojo $3 por 1
5.) Tamales de mole verde $3 por 1
6.) Aguas frescas de Tamarindo y Jamaica $2

¡Los esperamos! 🙂

Check out the Vox Urbana Facebook event page!


SAVE THE DATE: QTPOC Fest 10/10/15 – Mariposas Sin Fronteras will provide delicious food!

SAVE THE DATE: October 10, 20155116066_1435678587.6055
Having QTPOC spaces in our Tucson community is very important! If you haven’t done so already, please donate to this awesome event! Mariposas Sin Fronteras​ will be providing delicious food! 🙂

Read more about the event

Thank you!

GUARDAR LA FECHA: 10 de Octubre 2015

Teniendo espacios para personas de color que son lesbiana, gay, bisexual, y transgenero es muy importante para la comunidad en Tucson. Por favor, si no lo han hecho ya, donen a este evento! Mariposas Sin Fronteras va proveer deliciosa comida! 🙂

Lea mas sobre el evento



Mariposa Pupusa and Tamale Sale for FREEDOM!


Hello Friends of Mariposas!

The holidays and new year are coming up and we are currently raising funds to get THREE Mariposas out of immigration detention! Help us pay the bonds of Estrellita, Ariel, and Roger so they can spend the holidays and bring in the new year out of detention!

JOIN US this Saturday, Dec. 6th at Cafe Mariposa (2750 N Hopi Pl. Tucson, AZ 85705) from 11:30am-3pm to pick up your order or have lunch with us!

If you want to place an order for half a dozen or more please do ONE of the following:

1.) Comment on our Facebook event page letting us know what you would like. Facebook Event Page: Mariposa Pupusa and Tamale Sale for Freedom

2.) Send an email to

3.) Call: (520) 333-7113

-Cheese & Beans
-Cheese or Beans

One Dozen (12): $20

Half a Dozen (6): $10

Each (1): $2.50

-Green Chille & Cheese
-Mole & Pollo

One Dozen (12): $15

Half a Dozen (6): $8

Each (1): $2


-Mariposas Sin Fronteras

Rainbow Defense Fund and Fluxx Fundraiser June 7th

Mariposas Sin Fronteras EnglishBenefit Party!  Enjoy Brazilian food, dancing, a keg of kombucha, and great company while supporting Fluxx’s campaign to stay open and raising funds to pay bonds to get LGBTQ folks OUT of immigration detention!  Saturday, June 7th at 9:00pm.  $5-10 sliding scale donation.  At Fluxx Studios, the first and only queer art space in Tucson, 414 E 9th St (9th St and 4th Ave)