Estrellita is free in Tucson! ¡Estrellita esta libre en Tucson! ¡Gracias!


Estrellita Libre!I am writing to you with much love and respect to thank you with all my heart the people who have helped me to pay my bond. I am eternally grateful. Blessings to you and may God grant you many blessings, guide, and multiply your kindness and generosity to help those in need. With your help, I am now starting a new life with my family Mariposas Sin Fronteras, where I can improve myself as a person in this country. I have several goals I hope to develop with my effort and dedication and work. One is to fight to win asylum and obtain legal permission. The second is to study English, work and fulfill my duties and obligations to be useful and not waste this opportunity I have been given.

Me dirijo a ustedes con mucho cariño y respeto para agradecerles con todo mi corazón las personas que han ayudado con el pago de mi fianza, estoy eternamente agradecido, bendiciones para ustedes y que Dios derrame muchas bendiciones, guie, multiplique su bondad y generosidad de ayudar a quienes lo necesitan, con su ayuda ahora inicie una nueva vida con mi familia Mariposas Sin Fronteras, ahora podre superarme como persona en este pais. Tengo varias metas espero poder desarrollarlas, con mi esfuerzo y dedicacion y trabajo. Uno es luchar para ganar asilo y obtener el permiso legal. Segundo es estudiar inglés, rabajar y cumplir con mis derechos y obligaciones para ser util y no defraudar esta oportunidad que se ma ha dado.

Karla, Vanessa, Tania, and Jeovany all out!

Thanks for your support!  Since our last post Karla, Vanessa, and Jeovany were all bonded out with support of the Rainbow Defense Fund and Tania won her case and was released without bond!

After our campaign to raise money for Karla and Vanessa, who were bonded out on the same day, we had the cash on hand to bond out Jeovany the day after we met with him, the same day that his partner, Tania, learned she had won her case and was going to be released.  They were so happy to be released together!

Jeovany, Stephanie, Tania, and Raul upon Jeovany and Tania's release!
Jeovany, Stephanie, Tania, and Raul upon Jeovany and Tania’s release!

Thanks for the amazing support!