Author: Mariposas Sin Fronteras

  • Estrellita is free in Tucson! ¡Estrellita esta libre en Tucson! ¡Gracias!

    Estrellita I am writing to you with much love and respect to thank you with all my heart the people who have helped me to pay my bond. I am eternally grateful. Blessings to you and may God grant you many blessings, guide, and multiply your kindness and generosity to help those in need. With…

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  • Help Free Estrellita From Detention!

    Hi, my name is Estrellita! I am 24 years-old and I come fleeing from Guatemala. The reason why is because gang members in my neighborhood tried forcing me to deliver drugs for them. I refused. Within a few days, I found out that they killed a transgender friend of mine for refusing as well. So…

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  • DONATE To Free Fabiel From Detention!

    Fabiel is a youth from Honduras—he just turned 18 years-old this summer and was detained one month after his birthday. This youthful, talented, fabulous young adult is currently confined to a cold cell in Florence, Arizona. Fabiel is fleeing persecution based on the violence he was witness to in 2012. He relocated to another part…

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  • Mariposas Sin Fronteras!

    Noche Espectácular Gay w/ DJ Raw-B. Sábado, el 7 de junio, 9pm $5-10 @ Fluxx, 414 E 9th calle Comida brasileña, baile, barril de kombucha. El objetivo es juntar fondos para liberar “Mariposas” (personas LGBTQ) detenidas por ICE/la migra y tambien beneficiar Fluxx, el el único espacio de arte LGBTQ en Tucson

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  • Rainbow Defense Fund and Fluxx Fundraiser June 7th

    Benefit Party!  Enjoy Brazilian food, dancing, a keg of kombucha, and great company while supporting Fluxx’s campaign to stay open and raising funds to pay bonds to get LGBTQ folks OUT of immigration detention!  Saturday, June 7th at 9:00pm.  $5-10 sliding scale donation.  At Fluxx Studios, the first and only queer art space in Tucson,…

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  • Act Today to Support the Release of Ekundayo!

    Ekundayo is a 40-year old gay man from Nigeria who has been held in immigration prison in Eloy Detention Center for eight months. In Nigeria, Ekundayo’s cousins discovered that he was gay, beat him severely, and turned him over to the police. The police tortured him for weeks, beating him in the genitals and mutilating…

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  • Please Donate Today for David’s bond via Paypal

    David Ferreira Shubremman, is a 32 year-old sweet and passionate gay man from Brazil. He needs your support! David is detained in Florence Detention Center since October 2013. He is experiencing intense harassment and abuse in detention. He is seeking asylum due to persecution based on his sexual orientation. An immigration judge granted David a…

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  • Karla, Vanessa, Tania, and Jeovany all out!

    Thanks for your support!  Since our last post Karla, Vanessa, and Jeovany were all bonded out with support of the Rainbow Defense Fund and Tania won her case and was released without bond! After our campaign to raise money for Karla and Vanessa, who were bonded out on the same day, we had the cash…

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  • Over halfway there! $6235 out of $10,000 raised

    Help us raise final $3765 to get Karla and Vanessa out of detention!  They can be released as soon as we have the money! Please donate to the Rainbow Defense Fund detainee bond today! • Pay pal link here: • Or mail checks to: The Rainbow Defense Fund 127 N. Palomas Ave. Tucson, AZ 85745…

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