Casa Mariposa

Casa Mariposa is a space of solidarity, support, and healing for LGBTQIJ+ migrants and refugees affected by the immigration-prison industrial complex. Located in Tucson, AZ, Casa Mariposa is a communal housing project lead by Mariposas sin Fronteras. Upon leaving detention, LGBTQI+ migrants and refugees are offered not only transitional housing, but also a home and community where they can begin a new life and thrive. 

As part of Mariposas sin Fronteras, Casa Mariposa is committed to creating a dignified and better quality of life for the trans-queer immigrant community through access to necessary resources to survive and triumph in health, mental health, housing, food, education, economic opportunities, coexistence and community love.

Casa Mariposa began in 2017 when Mariposas Sin Fronteras opened the house. While the house was temporarily open, it had to close again for renovations. The house was facing a series of obstacles: rotten floors and broken cabinets, water pipes bursting, roof water damage, broken appliances, old paint, and more…

Our Project Manager TC Tolbert

TC (Pronouns: He/Him) is currently guiding the project renovations through the cathartic and beautiful process of tearing out what’s broken and restoring it back to life.

TC is the Project Princess for The Outlaw Project (Tiny Homes for Trans Women of Color in AZ) and Casa Mariposas. Prior to the pandemic, his collaborations were through writing, movement, and social activism. For TC, the practice of renovation and building is a true transition and joy.

We will spend the next year focusing on renovations and opening the house. We have an Instagram that posts updates, live videos, and community days here:

Ways To Support Casa Mariposa

We currently have two houses undergoing extensive renovations. With financial, volunteer, and community help, we can soon finish renovations on this project and go on to provide a place for healing, community building, education, empowerment, and workshops.

Please consider volunteering on one of our community work days, or even offering a special skill towards the house. We appreciate all volunteers, skills, and abilities. Please check out the page “How to Get Involved” for more information. We also have a registry of all items needed for the Casas:

We will need ongoing support and donations to complete and then sustain Casa Mariposa. Once open, we will need to provide food, house maintenance, bedding, hygiene products, and other necessary resources. 

We hope to see all people free from detention and into a new life of liberation from oppressive systems. We welcome you to join us in this journey.