July 2022 Update on Casa Mariposa!

Mariposas Sin Fronteras wanted to share our progress on the Casa Mariposa project! The Back House Casita is nearing completion. This exciting step will still mean the beginning of a new season, one of readying the house for guests and creating the infrastructure to keep the house sustained, filled with compes, and running without a hitch.

The renovations on the Front House Casa will resume in the fall so we can open in 2023. We will be posting updates as that resumes!

Above all, we want to thank you. Thank you for joining and helping us on this journey. We want to thank everyone who has volunteered, donated, and shared our journey–it’s been an incredible feat of the whole community. Led by our amazing Project Manager, TC Tolbert, over 300 volunteer hours have helped this project come to fruition. We truly appreciate every bit of help that went into the Casa and where we are today.

What We’ve Accomplished in the Casita:

  1. Discovered mold in NW bathroom and ongoing shower leak that had rotted sill plate and studs. We had to demo the entire bathroom, jack up the roof, replace the studs and sill plate, repipe the fresh water, raise the shower drain, widen the door entry for wheelchair accessibility, and replace insulation, drywall, shower, vanity, sink, exhaust fan, light, window, and toilet. 
  2. Discovered mold in SE bedroom due to swamp cooler leak. We had to have the swamp cooler replaced and the roof replaced (it had been patched too many times and was quite old). Mold abatement in bedroom including demoing ceiling and replacing. Updated electrical in SE bedroom, as well. Installed ceiling fan and painted room.
  3. Replaced two broken windows in SW bedroom. Replaced broken door, installed ceiling fan, and painted room and closet.
  4. Installed ceiling fan in NE bedroom and painted room and closet.
  5. Installed ceiling fan in NW bedroom and painted room and closet.
  6. In the front bathroom, we removed rotting and rodent-infested vanity. We updated the electrical, replaced the toilet and vanity/sink, and painted.
  7. In the kitchen, we removed rotten and rodent-infested cabinets and replaced a broken window. Updated electrical, installed ceiling fan, installed cabinets, counter, and sink. Purchased a new gas stove and fridge. Painted. Installed open shelves and butcher block kitchen cart.
  8. Cleaned up the yard

We have also accomplished a lot in the Front House Casa, but that will be a future update!

Casita Renovations, before and after!



Final Product:


Mariposas Sin Fronteras in the news! Mariposas Sin Fronteras en las noticias! 

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Mariposas would like to thank its sustaining donors, volunteers, and supporters throughout the years. A lot has been happening but unfortunately our website still does not reflect all the work MSF staff, board, and the Casa Mariposa support committee has been doing. We are always in need of volunteers to support communications and grant writing. If interested or to contact us for any other reason, please send us an email: mariposassinfronteras@gmail.com

El equipo de Mariposas Sin Fronteras agradece a todes que apoyan a la organización a través de su donaciones y voluntariado. Mucho ha estado sucediendo por el bien de la organización pero desafortunadamente nuestra página web aún no lo demuestra. Si te interesa en apoyarnos en el área de comunicaciones o escribiendo becas o deseas contactarnos por otra razón, mándanos un correo a: mariposassinfronteras@gmail.com

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