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In Their Own Words: Enduring Abuse in Arizona Immigration Detention Centers

Through the Immigrant Detention Advocacy Project, the ACLU of Arizona has worked for two years to document civil and human rights abuses in immigration detention centers in Arizona. Based on 115 face-to-face interviews with detainees held in Eloy and Florence, Arizona, the 36-page report, “In Their Own Words: Enduring Abuse in Arizona Immigration Detention Centers,” is the most comprehensive report documenting the experiences of immigrants detained by the federal government in the state.

Post-deportation Health

The report Post-deportation Health: A Humanitarian Assessment deals with the health impacts of deportation. It shows increased physical and mental distress for deported immigrants with strong ties to US.

If You Build It, ICE Will Fill It: The Link Between Detention Capacity and ICE Arrests

ICE arrests have a direct relationship to the availability and capacity of immigration detention centers. As detention capacity increases, so do ICE apprehensions. The report, If You Build It, ICE Will Fill It, from Detention Watch Network, the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, and Ceres Policy Research outlines the direct link between Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrests and the availability and capacity of immigration detention centers. The report demonstrates that immigrants in counties with more detention space and counties with an overall higher carceral capacity are significantly more likely to be arrested and detained by ICE.

Descargar el PDF: Si lo Construyes, ICE lo Llenará

Broken Promises: Limits of Biden’s Executive Order on Private Prisons

The Biden administration has failed to deliver on the promise to end the use of private prisons in federal incarceration and immigration detention, according to Broken Promises: Limits of Biden’s Executive Order on Private Prisons a new report released by Detention Watch Network and Project South. The report provides an overview of progress towards that unfulfilled promise, explores a troubling trend of detention expansion, and outlines the steps the administration must take to end the federal use of private prisons and phase out the use of immigration detention entirely.

Descargar el resumen ejecutivo como PDF:  Promesas Rotas: Límites de la Orden Ejecutiva de Biden Sobre Prisiones Privadas

Communities Not Cages: A Just Transition from Immigration Detention Economies

Communities Not Cages: A Just Transition from Immigration Detention Economies examines the role of immigration detention in local economies and outlines a vision for a just transition away from economies dependent on detention centers. The report compiles research on prisons, economic development, and trend lines in adult and youth incarceration around the country, and draws on interviews with more than 20 community organizers, advocates, lawyers, and experts on immigration detention and adult and juvenile prison systems.

Descargar el resumen ejecutivo como PDF: Comunidades Sí, Jaulas No: Una transición justa fuera de las economías de detención de inmigrantes

A Culture of Cruelty

A Culture of Cruelty, published in 2011, is the culmination of three years of abuse documentation collected and carried out by No More Deaths and our partners in Naco, Agua Prieta, and Nogales—border towns and cities in the Mexican state of Sonora to which thousands of immigration detainees have been deported.

The Disappeared

The Disappeared report series is collaborative project between two Tucson-based organizations, La Coalición de Derechos Humanos and No More Deaths.  Between Derechos Humanos’ 20 years of community work, including the 24-hour Missing Migrant Crisis Line, and No More Deaths’ 12 years of  humanitarian aid in the Arizona backcountry, we have witnessed and listened to thousands of stories of border crossings throughout Southern Arizona. Our research goals are transformative: to expose and combat those US government policing tactics that cause the crisis of death and mass disappearance in the borderlands.

UNCOVERING THE TRUTH: Violence and Abuse Against Black Immigrants in Immigration Detention

Black migrants are subject to abuse and a disturbing pattern of racism, violence, and harm at disproportionately higher incidence than non-Black migrants while in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), according to a groundbreaking report released in October 2022 by Freedom for Immigrants, Black LGBTQIA+ Migrant Project (BLMP), Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), and UndocuBlack Network.

Allied Organizations

Southern Arizona Gender Alliance (SAGA) To support, advocate, and promote justice for Southern Arizona’s transgender, non-binary, and gender-creative people.

Trans Queer PuebloRacial & gender justice org in Phoenix, AZ governed by a membership of 300+ LGBTQ+ migrants & POC. Dreaming up a future without police, ICE, jails.

Trans Asylum Seeker Support Network (TASSN)An abolitionist mutual aid collective that supports trans asylum seekers.

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement (TQLM)Works at local and national levels to achieve the collective liberation of trans, queer, and gender nonconforming Latinxs through building community, organizing, advocacy, and education.

Zines/Community Education

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